SCR 3-1141

SCR 3-1141: Increase DATA_QUALITY_ID to 16 characters

Priority: medium

Problem Summary

It’s currently 3 chars max with values -1, 0, … 4, N/A. The EDR and CDR products for MDIS on Messenger treat it as a 16-byte flag for: CCD image source, non-zero exposure time, excessive number of pixels, valid pivot position, …

Working Group

R. Chen (lead) E. Rye, R. Simpson

Originator: Richard Chen

Standards Change Request

12008-07-09R. ChenPDF
22008-12-05R. Chen and E. RyePDF
32009-06-21R. Chen and E. RyePDF
42009-06-25R. ChenPDF


Supplementary Material


StatusDateTaskResponsible PartyResponse
SUBMITTED 2008-06-26Submit issue.ORIGIssue submitted through online interface 06/26/08.
Form working group.EN-SEORIG


During the 07/15/09 Standards Telecon, version 4 of this SCR was approved by a vote of 7-0-1-1 (yes-no-abstain-absent). The status of the SCR has been re-set to TG_APPROVED and the MC has been notified.

NodeRepresentativeVersion 4
ATML. Huberyes
ENElizabeth D. Ryeyes
GEOS. Slavneyyes
IMGP. Garciayes
NAIFno vote
PPIT. Kingyes
RINGSM. Gordonyes
RSD. Simpsonabstain
SBNA. Raughyes

During the 07/15/09 Standards Telecon, the Tech Group decided that this SCR did not warrant Management Council approval.

NodeRepresentativeVersion 4
ATML. HuberMC vote unwarranted
ENElizabeth D. RyeMC vote unwarranted
GEOS. SlavneyMC vote unwarranted
IMGP. GarciaMC vote unwarranted
NAIFno vote
PPIT. KingMC vote unwarranted
RINGSM. GordonMC vote unwarranted
RSD. SimpsonMC vote unwarranted
SBNA. RaughMC vote unwarranted