Data Engineering

Data Engineering is responsible for supporting the PDS Discipline Nodes in ensuring that PDS data products conform to established standards.

Our primary objective is to provide the highest level of data engineering support to the PDS Nodes and Missions.

We provide expertise to:

  • Assist in the archive planning and review process.
  • Apply PDS standards.
  • Review mission archive documents including data management and archive plans, interface control documents, and software interface specifications.
  • Provide validation of data sets and archive volumes.
  • Update the PDS catalog with meta data for each mission, instrument, target and data set provided to the PDS in catalog files.

We are members of archive working groups for missions that sponsor such groups. We also are members of a committee that processes and adds new keywords to the PDS Data Dictionary.

Our goal is to provide the best customer service through our data engineering support to ensure that data are released per schedule. We are constantly striving to improve our performance, and our expertise.