The PDS4 Standards Change Control Board (CCB) is a subcommittee of the PDS Management Council (MC). It manages the orderly evolution of PDS4 Standards by evaluating proposed changes, determining which should be approved, and monitoring their implementation if approved. Its charter is captured in the PDS4 Standards Change Control Board (CCB) Charter document. This page holds the archive of the CCB meetings. Change requests are managed using JIRA following the process described in the PDS4 Standards Change Request Process Document (.pdf, December 2014) currently under review by the PDS MC.

CCB participants include: Lynn Neakrase (ATM), Tom Stein (GEO), Trent Hare (IMG), Steve Joy (PPI), Matt TIscareno (RMS), Jesse Stone (SBN), Mark Bentley (Chair, IPDA), Emily Law (Coordinator, EN), Vivian Tang (Coordinator, EN), David Hollibaugh (PDS Project Office)

Change Request Submission

If you have a change request, please contact Vivian Tang and Mark Bentley for instructions.

CCB Artifacts

This section contains artifacts specific to each CCB meeting/eVote held in the past.