Catalog Template Search

Due to heightened IT security, Catalog Template Search is no longer publicly available. Below, you can find examples for each PDS3 data category in the table.

The examples include:

1. Ingest template – for use to build a PDS3 catalog file that can be ingested into Engineering Node’s central catalog.

2. Example ingestion file – An example of the catalog files that was ingested into Engineering Node’s central catalog.

If you need a copy of any specific catalog file, please contact PDS operator. Requested catalog files available in the Engineering Node’s central catalog will be emailed to you in a timely manner.

CategoryIngest templateExample ingestion file (.cat)
MissionMission TemplateMARS ODYSSEY
Instrument HostInstrument Host TemplateMAGELLAN
InstrumentInstrument TemplateHIGH RATE DETECTOR
Data Set IDData Set ID TemplateODY-M-SPICE-6-V1.0
Data Set NameData Set Name TemplateODY MARS SPICE 6 V1.0
TargetTarget TemplatePandora
SoftwareSoftware TemplatePDSDD
ReferenceReference TemplateABBASETAL2004
PersonnelPersonnel TemplatePersonnel Example
VolumeVolume TemplateMGRS-0001
Data DictionaryData Dictionary TemplateCore Name