Closed Working Groups

Working Groups Members of the various Nodes are often drafted to participate in the early phases of a project

PDS has identified maintaining the integrity of the data and archive holdings as well as tracking their existence and locations as a priority. This activity is focused on defining the requirements, developing the associated processes, and implementing needed tools and infrastructure to support the tracking and integrity of the data and archive holdings from the data producer all the way to the NSSDC.

The International Planetary Data Alliance (IPDA) is a close association of the solar system science data archives operated by space agencies, with the aim of maintaining and continuously improving the quality and services to solar system science data from space based instruments.

At the Nov. 29-30, 2006 Management Council meeting, a need for standards regarding the inclusion of movies within PDS archives was identified. In July/August 2007, a working group was drafted to put together two SCRs on movies. One of these was to address how to include movies in a PDS archive as ancillary documentation using the DOCUMENT object. The other was to develop a new data object to include movies in a PDS archive as archive data.

The National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) supports Planetary Data System long-term archive. This project is to ensure that the interface between PDS and NSSDC is well defined to allow PDS to meet its long term perservation requirements.

The PDS Management Council (MC) approved the formation of a Physical Media Working Group (PMWG) to address alleged PDS wide challenges associated with the use of physical media.

Tool Working Group (WG) was formed to identify, prioritize, and recommend the development of tools to the Management Council.  This includes tools developed across PDS nodes.  It also monitors tool development by IPDA members.