The International Planetary Data Alliance (IPDA) is a close association of the solar system science data archives operated by space agencies, with the aim of maintaining and continuously improving the quality and services to solar system science data from space based instruments. The specific mission of the IPDA will be to facilitate global access and exchange of high quality scientific data products managed across international boundaries and organized by a set of governing data standards.

Working Group

The NASA/PDS members of the IPDA Steering Group are Reta Beebe and Dan Crichton. The complete roster is available at the IPDA website provided below.


Near-term milestones include:

  • IPDA Interoperability prototype (January 2007)
  • IPDA Project Operations Plan (January 2007)
  • IPDA Charter (July 2007)
  • IPDA Core Requirement Identification (May 2007)
  • IPDA Grammar (June 2007)
  • IPDA meeting at Caltech (July 2007)
  • Plan for 2008 COSPAR resolution and COSPAR Science Session (July 2008)

Current Status

The IPDA Charter and Project Operations Plan are now being finalized. The IPDA Steering Committee has started several projects that are currently being worked. These projects are working toward completion and will provide status reports at the July 2007 IPDA meeting at Caltech. More information is available at the IPDA website below.

Historical Documents

First IPDA meeting was held in November 2006. Historical documents used to help form the IPDA are provided below.