The next generation system, named “PDS4” includes a multi-year strategy that overhauls the PDS data architecture (e.g., data model, data structures, data dictionary, etc) and deploys a software system (online data services, distributed data catalog, etc) that fully embraces the PDS federation as an integrated system while leveraging modern information technology.

PDS4 Core Document

The Management Council requested the MC members provide comments on the PDS4 Core Document, February 12, 2013. Below are comments received:

Working Groups

The PDS4 effort has been undertaken by a series of working groups. The efforts and artifacts from the current active working groups can be reviewed at their respective pages:

Current Status

The following documents represent the current state of the PDS4 effort:

Historical Documents

Historical documents associated with this effort:

Notes taken from meeting with various Nodes regarding PDS4:

The Management Council requested the MC members provide questions to the PDS4 working groups. Below are those MC members who responded:

Other related documents include: