2016 Performance Review

PDS EN: 2016 Performance Review

If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact Emily Law (818)354-6208, emily.s.law@jpl.nasa.gov.

Time and Place

The review will be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, January 27-28, 2016.


Performance Review Guideline

EN Presentation

NAIF Presentation

PDS4 Project Management Documents

  • PDS4 Project Plan composes the overall plans for PDS4 implementation, documentation, review, test, transition, data migration, training and resources.
  • Project Life Cycle depicts the PDS4 Project life cycle in support of LADEE and MAVEN.
  • PDS Software Management Plan establishes and governs the lifecycle development approach for software being developed at JPL for the PDS.
  • Operations Concept describes how the PDS4 data architecture and the PDS4 software system work across the PDS federation throughout the PDS Archive Lifecycle.
  • PDS4 Project Schedule shows PDS4 implementation milestones. It is updated on a monthly basis.
  • PDS Roadmap includes PDS vision and 2006 – 2016 roadmap

PDS Requirements Documents

  • PDS Level 1, 2 and 3 Requirements is the set of high-level requirements that define the characteristics and features of the federated PDS system.
  • PDS4 Level 4 and 5 General System Requirements addresses the general software requirements for services, applications and tools within the PDS4 system. Detailed component’s L4 and L5 requirements are included in the Software Component’s Requirements and Design Documents (see “Software Design Documents” section below).
  • PDS4 Information Model Requirements defines the requirements for the fourth generation of the PDS Information Model.
  • Requirements Mapping traces how requirements are derived from PDS Level 3 to PDS4 Level 4 and 5.

PDS4 Architecture Document

  • PDS4 System Architecture Specification conveys the system architecture for the PDS4 system in a manner that is understandable to the broad spectrum of PDS stakeholders but is intended for the designers and developers of the PDS4 system.

PDS4 Software Design Documents

PDS4 Model/Standards Documents

  • PDS4 Concepts provides an introduction to PDS4 key concepts — the view from 10,000 feet, avoiding gory details.
  • Data Provider’s Handbook provides a cookbook to guide data providers step-by-step through the process of developing an archive.
  • Standards Reference is one of the two fundamental reference documents for PDS4. You will need this as you work your way through the Data Provider’s Handbook and as you prepare an archive.
  • Data Dictionary is the other fundamental reference for PDS4.
  • Information Model Specification provides details on the design of the Information Model.
  • Version Examples: Released on September 30, 2015, these examples correspond with Build 6a of PDS4.
    • PDS4 Example Products – (ZIP)
    • PDS4 Example Archive – (ZIP)
  • CDF Documents for providing CDF data to PPI.

CCB Documents

References (Webpages)