PDS Data Services Initiative


Provide an integrated world-wide data services platform that enables the efficient discovery, dissemination, use and analysis of internationally sponsored planetary science archives 

We accomplish this by: 

  • Capturing and curating archival data and metadata to enable both discovery and use by the community
  • Providing a worldwide planetary science data portal as a gateway to archival data and services across PDS, IPDA and the broad planetary science community
  • Providing consistent APIs for sharing archival data and services across PDS, among planetary archives, and within the planetary science community
  • Supporting a federated cross-node, cross-agency search that enables users to get as close to the archived data and services as possible
  • Enabling the on-going exploration and integration of modern tools and access methods to enable data discovery and analysis from visualization to mining of archival data

White Paper

PDS Futue Data Services V4 (PDF)

Phasing Plan

Phase 1 – Data Discoverability

  • Establish the Registry and common search interfaces (APIs)
  • Build API layers for integrated search across PDS
  • Loop back to IM to support API and dynamic metadata

Phase 2 – Enhance User Experience

  • Consistent web front-end across PDS and integrate search

Phase 3 – Data Usability

  • Develop and improve transformations and visualizations of data
  • Develop data user guides and enhance mission docs

Phase 4 – Computational Support and Analysis

  • Develop Jupyter notebooks and on-demand algorithms for analysis

On-going throughout all phases – Cloud Integration and Data Curation 

See: Data Services Initiatlve Update Presentation (google doc link)


MC F2F – Aug 13, 2019

Data Services Workshop  – Nov 5, 2019




Use Cases