Tool Working Group (WG) was formed to identify, prioritize, and recommend the development of tools to the Management Council.  This includes tools developed across PDS nodes.  It also monitors tool development by IPDA members.  More information can be found in the Tool WG Charter


  • Dan Crichton, Chair (Emily Law as alternate)
  • Ed Guinness, Geosciences
  • Joni Johnson, Atmospheres
  • Todd King, PPI
  • Rishi Verma, IMG
  • Eric Palmer, PSI
  • Tanya Lim, PSA

** Michael Cayanan, EN as ex-officio advisor

Work Space

Mailing list:

Monthly telecon via webex (1st Wednesday 7:30 am Pacific Time)

Collaborative Space:

Tools / Requirements Mapping

A Google Sheet was created for the mapping of level 3 requirements and tools:

Beta Testing

The TWG is involved in testing certain tools prior to the software being released to Integration & Test at the Engineering Node. The test coordination pages are listed below: