At the Nov. 29-30, 2006 Management Council meeting, a need for standards regarding the inclusion of movies within PDS archives was identified. In July/August 2007, a working group was drafted to put together two SCRs on movies. One of these was to address how to include movies in a PDS archive as ancillary documentation using the DOCUMENT object. The other was to develop a new data object to include movies in a PDS archive as archive data.

Links to the individual SCR pages for these two efforts are provided below:

Working Group

Working group members include: Steve Adams, Patty Garcia, Lyle Huber, Steve Hughes, Myche McAuley (no longer available), Anne Raugh, Elizabeth Rye, and Dick Simpson.


Near-term milestones include:

  • Survey nodes, missions, and industry for requirements and for formats in common use. (Sep – Oct 2007)
  • Develop criteria for classifying individual movies as data products vs. documents (or “extras”) (Sep – Oct 2007)
  • Submit “movies as documents” SCR to Technical Group (Nov 2007)
  • Submit “movies as documents” SCR to MC (Dec 2007)

Long-term milestones include:

  • Develop criteria for formats suitable for archiving. (Jan – Apr 2008)
  • Review formats for suitability for archiving. (Jan – Apr 2008)
  • Develop labaeling requirements. (Jan – Apr 2008)
  • Determine whether to adopt existing movie format or develop our own native PDS format for archiving movies as data. (Jan – Apr 2008)*
  • Identify necessary tool development to support movies. (Jan – Apr 2008)*
  • Submit “movies as data” SCR to TG (May 2008)
  • Submit “movies as data” SCR to MC (summer 2008)

*Added to milestones 12/05/07.

Current Status

Historical Documents

The historical documents are provided below in reverse chronological order: