Data Integrity/Tracking

PDS has identified maintaining the integrity of the data and archive holdings as well as tracking their existence and locations as a priority. This activity is focused on defining the requirements, developing the associated processes, and implementing needed tools and infrastructure to support the tracking and integrity of the data and archive holdings from the data producer all the way to the NSSDC.

Working Group

The Working Group reports directly to the Management Council and includes :

  • Dan Crichton, Mitch Gordon, Ed Guinness, Bill Harris, Steve Hughes, Chris Isbell, Todd King, Al Schultz, Mark Showalter and Tom Stein


Near-term milestones include:

  • Finalize compiled Integrity/Tracking/Availability/Deep Archive Requirements

Long-term milestones include:

  • PDS starts implementation of archive integrity

Current Status

The working group is reviewing the level 4 requirements for archive tracking and assessing using MD5Deep as a PDS checksum. A Data Integrity Report template was created for Nodes to generate annual report.


Policies that are relevant to Archive Integrity are provided below:

Historical Documents

The historical milestones and meetings regarding data integrity and tracking, along with their associated documents, are provided below: