The goals of the Mission Interface Working Group are: 1. to enable PDS to present a consistent set of standards and procedures to the mission data providers, 2. to coordinate archive development and operations activities that require cross-node participation, 3. to keep the Engineering Node informed of deliveries and other archive events, and 4. to provide a forum to discuss archiving issues internally. The Mission Interface Working Group meetings complement, but do not replace, the Data and Archive Working Group (DAWG) meetings that most missions hold for conducting archive business. Because the DAWG meetings involve mission personnel, are often run by the mission rather than by the PDS, and often include discussion of topics not related to PDS archives, they are not suitable for internal PDS node-to-node discussions.

Working Group

The Mission Interface Working Group membership includes one or more members from each discipline node that is involved in a developing or operating mission, with one person per node designated as the node representative. The node representatives should be well-informed, able to report the status of the work being done for each mission, and able to make decisions about issues that arise. Also attending are the Data Engineers assigned to those missions. The working group meetings are led by the PDS Operations Manager at the Engineering Node.



Current Status

Current working documents associated with this effort can be found on the Mission Interface Working Group page (inactive) of the PDS Collaboration Wiki. The same user name and password utilized for this site will allow access to that site.

Historical Documents

New Mission Lead Node Guidelines (2010.07.28)