The following notes were taken by Elizabeth Rye. Corrections are welcome.

Planetary Data System Standards Teleconference
March 11, 2009 9-11 AM


Telecon Canceled

Hello All,

Given how busy all of us have been this past month preparing for the Senior Review, I suspected that little progress had been made on our currently active SCRs. I have therefore talked to everyone who is a lead on an active SCR to get their status updates and have included those below. None of the leads had any objection to canceling tomorrow's telecon, so I am hereby formally canceling it.

I would like to have the next meeting on April 8. If this presents a problem for anyone, please let me know.

By the way, I will be on vacation the week of March 16 through 20. Please direct any pressing standards questions to Ron Joyner during my absence.


SCR3-1127: Pointer/Object Ambiguity in the Standards Reference
WG: T. King (lead), M. Cayanan, L. Huber, S. Hughes, R. Joyner

SCR3-1141: Increase DATA_QUALITY_ID to 16 characters
WG: R. Chen (lead), E. Rye

SCR3-1145: PSDD Filename Length Clean-Up
WG: S. Slavney (lead), M. Gordon, R. Joyner, E. Rye

SCR3-1146: Update reference format to handle DOIs
WG: E. Rye (lead), P. Garcia, S. Hughes, R. Simpson?, S. Slavney, R. Walker?

WG: S. Slavney (lead)

SCR3-1148: Phoenix keywords
WG: E. Rye (lead), S. Slavney, B. Sword

SCR3-1150: Change minimum value for detector_temperature
WG: R. Chen (lead), E. Rye


Next telecon scheduled for 2009-04-08.