SCR 3-1124

SCR 3-1124: PSDD Enhancement — add Case to keywords of type CHARACTER

Priority: urgent

Problem Summary

Validation and Label Template design warrant more rigorous PSDD constructs to warn if keyword values of type CHARACTER are not PDS compliant with respect to the keyword (e.g., DATA_SET_NAME requires uppercase; DESCRIPTION requires mixed-case; PATH_NAME requires either uppercase or lowercase (but no mixed-cased). One way to accomplish the above is to replace GENERAL_DATA_TYPE = CHARACTER with multiple values: – CHARACTER-UPPERCASE – CHARACTER-LOWERCASE – CHARACTER-MIXEDCASE – CHARACTER-NOTMIXED

Update: The direction of this SCR has changed significantly during working group discussions. The essential issue involves enabling automated validation of keyword values, including values which are accepted exceptions to the PDS standards, through structural changes to the PSDD. It is now the belief of the working group that this SCR involves few, if any impacts to the Standards; rather, most of the changes are implementation issues which should be worked out internally in the Engineering Node. Given that there may be impacts to the format of the Element Definition Template and that there may be some interpretation / clarification of the existing standards required during implementation, the working group and Tech Groups should be kept informed.

Working Group

R. Joyner (lead) M. Cayanan (technical advisor), L. Huber, T. King, E. Rye, D. Simpson

Originator: R.JOYNER

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StatusDateTaskResponsible PartyResponse
SUBMITTED 2007-07-25Submit issue.ORIGIssue submitted through online interface 07/25/07.
Form working group.EN-SEORIGE. Rye sent email to S. Hardman on 07/31/07 requesting that he assign a Dev team member to this SCR.