The following notes were taken by Elizabeth Rye. Corrections are welcome.

Planetary Data System Standards Teleconference
28 November 2007 9-11 AM

Steve Adams (EN) (or Steve Hughes?)
Rafael Alanis (IMG)
Keith Bennett (GEO)
Rose Early (SBN)
Patty Garcia (IMG)
Mitch Gordon (RINGS)
Lyle Huber (ATM)
Chris Isbell (IMG)
Ron Joyner (EN)
Elizabeth Rye (EN)
Dick Simpson (RS)
Susie Slavney (GEO)



Telecon Discussions:

1. SCR status:

(15:00) 2. Open discussion -- do we amend the Standards to permit users to specify a combined attached-detached data product (i.e., a combined data product that is both attached to the data product label and detached from the data product label) (P. Garcia and others)

(28:45) S. Slavney requested that units discussion that has been ongoing between her, T. King, and R. Joyner, be added to agenda for next meeting. R. Joyner agreed.

(29:15) Next telecon scheduled for 2008-01-09.

Units discussion group will have a telecon on 12/19/07. R. Joyner will send meeting notice. S. Slavney will send backup material. P. Garcia and D. Simpson are also interested in participating. M. Gordon suggested S. Slavney send material to everyone.

Telecon ended at 33:56.