The following notes were taken by Ron Joyner and Elizabeth Rye. Corrections are welcome.

Planetary Data System Standards Teleconference
May 7, 2008 9-11 AM

Keith Bennett (GEO)
Richard Chen (EN)
Patty Garcia (IMG)
Mitch Gordon (RINGS)
Ed Guinness? (GEO)
Lyle Huber (ATM)
Steve Hughes (EN)
Chris Isbell (IMG)
Ron Joyner (EN)
Todd King (PPI)
Carol Neese (SBN)
Anne Raugh (SBN)
Elizabeth Rye (EN)
Boris Semenov (NAIF)
Dick Simpson (RS)
Susie Slavney (GEO)
Betty Sword (EN)



Telecon Discussions:

1. SCR status:

  • 2. Further issues

    • / records management

    Discussion of PDS3 Freeze vs. Clean-Up

    SCR ID Title
    3-1136 Add new keywords AZIMUTH_RESOLUTION and RANGE_RESOLUTION
    Issue is currently being addressed by working group consisting of S. Slavney, E. Rye, and B. Semenov. Given mission impact, work should continue on this SCR under PDS3. ACTION: E. Rye contact S. Slavney with comments from B. Semenov; status unchanged
    3-1135 PDF/A as a potential replacement for TEXT documents
    Work will continue on this SCR in order to establish how much impact it will have on the system. Based upon an evaluation of that impact, a decision will be made in the future as to whether or not to continue work on this SCR under PDS3. ACTION: status unchanged
    Quick SCR to clarify standards; continue under PDS3. ACTION: status unchanged
    3-1127 Pointer/Object Ambiguity in the Standards Reference
    If this SCR involves only a clarification of the standards as written in the Standards Reference, then it makes sense to continue under PDS3. Todd has volunteered to take it over. ACTION: E. Rye update lead from A. Raugh to T. King.
    3-1126 Multiple occurences of the same keyword in an object - Valid or Not?
    This is a clarification issue, not a standards change. Therefore continue working but transfer lead to Todd. ACTION: E. Rye update lead from A. Raugh to T. King.
    3-1124 PSDD Enhancement --- add Case to keywords of type CHARACTER
    Important work, but is part of a larger picture of structural changes that need to be made to the PSDD. Should be continued under PDS4. (Note than R. Joyner disagreed that this should be moved to PDS3.) ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1119 Distinguish Required and Optional keywords vs. Projection in IMAGE_MAP_PROJECTION
    This is an important SCR and work should continue on it, but the larger issue should be dealt with under PDS4. Only those problems driven by current mission needs should be addressed now. The two missions affected by this are MRO HiRISE and LRO. P. Garcia said that MRO is essentially operating under a waiver and we don't really need to change things for them. S. Slavney needs changes for LRO. It was agreed that those specific issues should be addressed in a new, very focused SCR. (See SCR3-1138.) ACTION: move this SCR to PDS4. S. Slavney to submit new SCR regarding LRO map projection keywords.
    3-1118 (1:05:00) Add ICD, SISes to Volume Documentation in StdRef
    Since this involves a change to documentation only to clarify current practices, and since the work is essentially done, continue. ACTION: continue, with vote as soon as possible.
    3-1117 (1:05:55) Bad formation rule in MISSION_START/STOP_DATE description
    Provides correction just to PSDD to go ahead with it. Has this already been voted on? ACTION: continue; E. Rye to check if status is correct or if vote has already occurred.
    3-1116 (1:07:02) Align Online PSDD with pdsdd.full
    Involves making sure that attribute names used in online interface match attribute names used in pdsdd.full file. ACTION: continue
    3-1094 (1:09:50) Permit Objects in Local Data Dictionaries
    There appear to be no mission drivers or other urgency behind this. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1093 (1:11:06) VOLDESC.CAT and Catalog File Pointers
    Since the problem addressed by this SCR is an implementation issue rather than an issue fundamental to the model, it may be a moot point under PDS4. Don't bother addressing it now, but carry it along as a reminder to see whether or not it needs to be addressed in the future. Actually, need to determine if this is an issue for the software guys in trying to validate catalog labels and label fragments. Recommendation that software guys go ahead and use hard coded solutions if necessary, given that all this will change under PDS4 anyway. (I.e., use easiest solution) ACTION: E. Rye to check with Paul Ramirez on whether this is a pressing issue; if not, move to PDS4 (In other words, assume this is PDS4. If Paul objects, Elizabeth will bring it back to the TG for disposition.)
    3-1092 (1:13:49) Remove optional PSDD from many OBJECTs
    This is already captured on the anomaly list by the PDS3 Specification working group and doesn't warrant any further effort at this point. Everyone agrees it's an abomination we can continue to limp along with. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1087 (1:14:44) PDS Standards on Sequences and Sets
    Some of the issues described in this SCR are "fixes" and others invovle potential changes to the standards. The former should be resolved now and the latter postponed to PDS4. ACTION: proceed with points 1 through 3 of SCR; file a new SCR to complete points 4 and 5 under PDS4
    3-1082 (1:20:23) Add atm (atmosphere) as new unit id
    The primary controversy on this SCR was whether to permit the use of a non-SI unit of measurement (atm). Susie said this was an MRO CRISM spectral library data set where the investigator supplied the data in atmospheres. Acceptance of the data is on hold (in lien-resolution phase) pending the outcome of this SCR. Issue can't be resolved quickly. ACTION: continue working
    3-1079 (1:24:45) Update format of PSDD.full and PSDD.idx
    Elizabeth talked with Sean Hardman. He said problem is because pdsdd.full is not compliant PDS label, and this should be fixed under PDS4, if we continue to use ODL. However, current software has been adapted to use the existing format and this is not a pressing issue. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1072 (1:25:21) Clean-Up Items for StdRef v3.8
    Upon Elizabeth's recommendation, the group voted to reject this SCR on the grounds that it is too generic. ACTION: Update status to REJECTED.
    3-1069 (1:26:35) Update HEADER objects to include version info
    Originated with E. Rye, who is happy to move it to PDS4. No objections. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1062 (1:26:50) Clean-up of PDS3
    Todd expressed concern that this SCR, like 3-1072, is too generic. Elizabeth suggested rejecting this in favor of a series of more specific SCRs each proposing a single clean up step. Understanding of Elizabeth is that these smaller SCRs would be under PDS3, but needs to have Dan check with MC that this is still a priority for them. The group voted to reject the SCR, in favor of future smaller, more specific SCRs. ACTION: update status to REJECTED; E. Rye ask Dan to confirm with MC that PSDD clean up is still a priority; if so, E. Rye proceed with submitting smaller, more specific SCRs
    3-1058 (1:31:35) Change GenDataType of ERROR_MASK to NON DECIMAL
    Todd and Elizabeth feel this one should be worked under PDS3; no objections. Others agree this needs some discussion. Anne concerned that this may expand beyond what's appropriate for dealing with under PDS3. Elizabeth argues that we need to look at it in more detail in order to determine if it's a PDS3 or PDS4 issue. ACTION: E. Rye to continue researching in order to bring recommendation for PDS3 or PDS4 back to TG
    3-1057 (1:36:37) Update Record Formats Chapter of StdRef
    Current situation is a mess, but we're living with it. Fixing it will be complicated. Decision is to deal with it under PDS4, with mild protest from Todd. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1053 (1:38:20) Allow Adobe PDF format for archived documents
    Susie is okay with rejecting in favor of 3-1135. Group voted to reject. ACTION: Update status to REJECTED
    3-1052 (1:41:15) Ingestion Procedures / Templates
    Ancient SCR attempting to reconcile ingestion templates with catalog object descriptions in PSDD and StdRef. It was agreed that the PDS3 Data Model team has likely captured all these anomalies; furthermore they will have crystalized clear definitions of the catalog objects. Therefore, move this to PDS4 to make sure all issues are captured, but otherwise probably won't need working. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1051 (1:43:04) Update KERNEL_TYPE standard values
    Should have been done long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away.... Everyone agreed to vote on it now based only on problem summary; approved, direct to implementation 9-0-0. ACTION: Update status to TG_APPROVED
    3-1048 (1:46:36) NSSDC_DATA_SET_ID catalog object changes
    Steve recommends moving to PDS4, Anne concurs. No objections. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1047 (1:47:49) Add Release Object
    Ingested as DATA_SET_RELEASE object. Already done. ACTION: Update status to IMPLEMENTED.
    3-1046 (1:47:49) Add HOUSEKEEPING ingestion catalog objects
    Ingested as DATA_SET_HOUSEKEEPING object. ACTION: Update status to IMPLEMENTED.
    3-1043 (1:48:28) Required Keywords for HISTORY object
    HISTORY object has neither required nor optional keywords. All agreed to put this off to PDS4. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1042 (1:51:25) Increase length of TARGET_NAME
    This was already implemented back in 2005. ACTION: Update status to IMPLEMENTED.
    3-1041 (1:47:49) Add release object keywords to the data dictionary
    Ingested as DATA_SET_RELEASE object. Already done. ACTION: Update status to IMPLEMENTED.
    3-1036 (1:51:44) Upper/Lower Case Standards
    Elizabeth recommends moving to PDS4; no objections. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1031 (1:52:03) Software Status Words
    Involves a change to a catalog object. Therefore, Elizabeth and Anne recommend it be dealt with under PDS4. Todd objected, wanting to reject it outright. Group decided to move it to PDS4. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1029 (1:55:23) International Volume Set ID
    This is an internationalization issue, involving at minimum PDS4, more likely IPDA. ACTION: move to PDS4
    3-1020 (1:57:20) Inconsistent Use of DATE Type in PSDD
    Based on Anne's recommendation, SCR was rejected by a vote of 8-0-0 (1 not present) ACTION: update status to REJECTED
    Ran out of time for further SCRs.

  • Next telecon scheduled for 2008-05-19.