SCR 3-1129

SCR 3-1129: Add .FIT and .FTS as reserved extensions in Table 10.1 of StdRef

Priority: medium

Problem Summary

A couple of PDS nodes have been using .FIT as the file extension for FITS formatted files for years. Nothing in the Standards Reference forbids this usage. EN development team members believe there should be no problem with the usage of these extensions. Therefore, these well established extensions should be added to the list of reserved file extensions shown in Table 10.1 of the PDS Standards Reference.

Working Group

E. Rye (lead) C. Neese, B. Sword

Originator: Elizabeth Rye

Standards Change Request

12008-01-09Elizabeth RyeDOC
22008-02-22Elizabeth RyeDOC


Supplementary Material



NodeRepresentativeVersion 2
ATMLyle Huberyes
ENSteve Hughesyes
GEOSusie Slavneyyes
IMGno vote
NAIFBoris Semenovabstain
PPITodd Kingyes
RINGSMitch Gordonyes
RSaDick Simpsonyes
SBNno vote


Consider alternative wording for paragraph in Section 10.2.3: “Use of a reserved file extension implies that the file contains data in the associated format. However, PDS may not have approved ALL associated formats for data archiving purposes. Consult Discipline Node personnel for assistance.”

NodeRepresentativeVersion 2
ATMLyle HuberMC vote unwarranted
ENSteve HughesMC vote unwarranted
GEOSusie SlavneyMC vote unwarranted
IMGno vote
NAIFBoris Semenovabstain
PPITodd KingMC vote unwarranted
RINGSMitch GordonMC vote unwarranted
RSDick SimpsonMC vote unwarranted
SBNno vote