DPH and Examples

The PDS Data Providers Handbook (DPH) serves as a guide for the preparation of PDS4 compliant data intended for submission to the Planetary Data System (PDS). The DPH is to be used, in conjunction with the PDS Standards Reference and the Planetary Science Data Dictionary, for preparing a data set that meets the PDS4 archive criteria. Note: The document is currently in draft form and contains sparse content in certain sections as well as transitional verbiage to aide in the flow of the document. These issues and others will be addressed in subsequent versions of the document. The DPH is intended for scientists and engineers in the planetary science community who are in the process of submitting restored or new mission data to the PDS. The document is primarily intended for data producers who are new to the PDS. Persons already familiar with PDS may find this document useful as a guide towards understanding the newer PDS4 constructs. Persons more familiar with PDS and the underlying PDS4 criteria for submitting planetary science to the PDS may find it more productive to seek information from the PDS Standards Reference and/or the Planetary Data Dictionary. PDS has evolved new PDS4 requirements and standards for archival quality data to ensure that the data it provides to users in the science community are complete, accurate, and easily accessible. This manual is intended for all types of data suppliers and developers working with PDS.

Working Groups

The PDS Data Design Working Group (DDWG) is comprised of Steve Hughes, Mitch Gordon, Ed Guinness, Lyle Huber, Steve Joy, Anne Raugh, Ron Joyner, Elizabeth Rye, and Dick Simpson. The PDS 2010 Data Standards Project, which includes the Data Providers Handbook, is under the purview of this team.


– 200904 – initial draft version of the DPH – based on information collected by the DDWG – 200907 – second draft version of the DPH – released to members of PDS technical staff (for review) – 200911 – third draft version of the DPH – released to member of DDWG (for technical comments)

Current Status

The following documents represent the current state of the PDS 2010 effort: