SCR 3-1105

SCR 3-1105: Change BAND_NAME definition to include non-spectral bands

Priority: high

Problem Summary

The current definition of BAND_NAME refers only to spectral bands (e.g. RED, GREEN, BLUE). This SCR proposes changing the definition and the length of the string to allow names of non-spectral bands as are currently being used by CRISM. The deadline of 5/25/2007 for this SCR is the date of the first MRO delivery to PDS.

Working Group

S. Slavney (lead)

Originator: Susan Slavney

Standards Change Request

12007-02-16S.SlavneyPDFDate changed from 02/21/07 by E. Rye.
22007-02-28S.SlavneyPDFDate changed from 03/01/07 by E. Rye.


Supplementary Material


StatusDateTaskResponsible PartyResponse
SUBMITTED 2007-02-16
IN_PROGRESS 2007-02-21
DRAFT 2007-02-21
RECOMMENDED 2007-03-06
APPROVED 2007-03-23
TEST_RELEASE 2007-05-29


Vote to RECOMMEND version 2 of the SCR be moved to Implementation stage.

NodeRepresentativeVersion 2
ATMLyle Huberyes
ENSteve Hughesyes
GEOSusie Slavneyyes
IMGPatty Garciayes
NAIFBoris Semenovyes
PPITodd Kingyes
RINGSMitch Gordonyes
RSDick Simpsonyes
SBNAnne Raughyes

Version 2 of the SCR was approved unanimously by the MC by e-vote on 03/23/07.

NodeRepresentativeVersion 2
ATMReta Beebeyes
GEORay Arvidsonyes
IMGLisa Gaddisyes
PPIRay Walkeryes
RINGSMark Showalteryes
SBNMike A’Hearnyes
ENDan Crichtonyes
NAIFChuck Actonyes
RSDick Simpsonyes