The following notes were taken by R. Joyner. Corrections are welcome. IN PROGRESS

Planetary Data System Standards Teleconference
21 March 2007 9-10 AM

Rose Early (SBN)
Patty Garcia (IMG)
Mitch Gordon (RINGS)
Ed Guinness (GEO)
Lyle Huber (ATM)
T. King (PPI)
Ron Joyner (EN)
Anne Raugh (SBN)
Dick Simpson (RS)
Susie Slavney (GEO)
Betty Sword (EN)



Telecon Discussions:

1. Report the Node votes on the following re-written SCRs and discuss if there is interest (All)

2. Second round of "Find the no-brainers'

3. Proposed SCRs for Upcoming telecons

4. Next telecon

Agenda for next telecon (20070404):

1. Discuss SCR 3-1083.v3 - Increase length of SOURCE_PRODUCT_ID keyword

2. Discuss SCR 3-1104.v2 - Increase length of START_TIME & STOP_TIME keywords

SCR did not pass -- (yes = 3; no = 5)

3. Discuss SCR 3-1108.v1 - Remove ARCHIVE_STATUS keyword from DATA_SET_INFORMATION object. (A.Raugh)

4. SCR 3-1109.v1 - Correct DATA_SET_HOUSKEEPING object. (A.Raugh)