The following notes were taken by R. Joyner. Corrections are welcome. IN PROGRESS

Planetary Data System Standards Teleconference
28 February 2007 9-10 AM

Steve Adams (EN)
Patty Garcia (IMG)
Mitch Gordon (RINGS)
Ed Guiness (GEO)
Lyle Huber (ATM)
Steve Hughes (EN)
Ron Joyner (EN)
Todd King (PPI)
Anne Raugh (SBN)
Boris Semenov (NAIF)
Dick Simpson (RS)
Susie Slavney (GEO)
Betty Sword (EN)


Elizabeth gave birth to a baby girl yesterday, 2007-02-27. Both mommy and baby are doing fine (unconfirmed).

    Abigail Dorothy Rye
    Weight: 7lbs and 3 oz
    Length: 19 inches
    Birthday: February 27, 2007

Telecon Discussions:

1. Standards approval discussion (D.Simpson)

2. SCR 3-1103.v3: Chapter 7: Date Time Format (A.Raugh / T.King)

3. SCR 3-1104.v1: Increase length of START_TIME and STOP_TIME values (A.Raugh)

4. SCR 3-1064.v2: Increase length of PATH_NAME (A.Raugh)

5. SCR 3-1105.v1: Change BAND_NAME definition to include non-spectral bands (S.Slavney)

6. Next Round of E-Votes

7. Second round of "Find the no-brainers'

Agenda for next telecon (20070307):

1. Report the Node votes on the following re-written SCRs and discuss if there is interest:

2. Discuss the Node votes on the following SCRs (from the previous round of e-votes):

3. Discuss the T.King list of additional '2nd round of no-brainers'

4. Discuss SCR 3-1073.v1: Update ARCHIVE_STATUS Keyword (B.Sword)