Planetary Data System
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PDS3 Standards: Individual Issue

SCR 3-1019: PDS Lacks Time Standard

Priority: medium

Problem Summary: START_TIME is a fundamental search parameter in nearly all PDS data products, yet there is no formal definition of what time should be recorded in START_TIME. In fact, time is not well defined in most, if not all, elements with a type of TIME.

Working group: A. Raugh (lead)

Originator: A. Raugh

Standards Change Request:

Version Date Author(s) Format Note
1 2003-04-23 A. Raugh TEXT Preliminary version
2 2007-01-24 R. Joyner DOC provisionally approved version
PDF provisionally approved version


Supplementary Material:


Status Task ResponsibleParty Response
SUBMITTED 2003-04-23
DRAFT 2007-01-24
APPROVED 2007-01-24


Vote to RECOMMEND version 2 of the SCR be moved to Implementation stage.

Node Representative Version 2
ATM Lyle Huber yes
EN Steve Hughes yes
GEO Susie Slavney yes
IMG Patty Garcia yes
NAIF not present
PPI Todd King yes
RINGS not present
RS Dick Simpson abstain
SBN Anne Raugh yes