Build 2b Deliverables

This page lists and provides links to the deliverables for PDS 2010 Build 2b release (1/31/2012). The Build 2b deliverables consist of the PDS4 documents and the PDS 2010 system software distribution (including documentation).

Build 2b Documents, Schemas and Examples

For PDS4 Product Documents, please refer to Build 2a Deliverables Documents.

  • XML Schemas – Generic XML Schemas
  • Data Dictionary – The abridged version (PDF) contains full definitions but not all the fine detail or repetition necessary to support the underlying Information Model.
  • Data Provider’s Handbook (PDF) – An archiving guide to PDS4 data standards.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Building Labels Under PDS4 Build 2 (Instructions are coming soon).
  • Examples: Products and Archive – A set of products, collections, bundles, and packages that illustrates design concepts and goals.

Build 2b Software

System software release 2.1.0 represents the software portion of the Build 2b delivery. A high-level description of this release can be found in the corresponding RDD. Each software package includes documentation covering the installation and operation of the software.

Software Build Documents

Design Specifications