SCR 3-1139

SCR 3-1139: Add Std Vals for MGN Bistatic Radar and Cassini Orbiter

Priority: high

Problem Summary

Volumes MG_250x and COISS_3003 use values: (element, standard value type, new value) – MEDIUM_TYPE, static, “DVD+R” – BAND_NAME, dynamic, S – FACILITY_NAME, dynamic, “VEX RS STANFORD UNIVERSITY ELEMENT” – FACILITY_NAME, dynamic, “CASSINI IMAGING CENTRAL LABORATORY FOR OPERATIONS” – INSTITUTION_NAME, dynamic, “SPACE SCIENCE INSTITUTE” – INSTITUTION_NAME, dynamic, “GERMAN AEROSPACE CENTER” All appear in various VOLDESC.CATs except the last, which appears in a PERSON.CAT as the institution of data provider Thomas Roatsch.

Working Group

R. Chen (lead) J. Diehl, E. Rye, D. Simpson

Originator: Richard Chen

Standards Change Request

12008-09-11R. Chen and E. RyePDF
22008-09-15R. Chen and E. RyePDF


Supplementary Material



NodeRepresentativeVersion 2
ATMLyle Huberyes
ENElizabeth Ryeyes
GEOSusie Slavneyyes
NAIFBoris Semenovyes
PPIaTodd Kingyes
RINGSMitch Gordonyes
RSbDick Simpsonyes
SBNAnne Raughyes


with real reservations. BAND_NAME should remain DYNAMIC, but its now a free-range keyword.


There are errors in the SCR (see blog), but I need the result more than my self-esteem.

NodeRepresentativeVersion 2
ATMLyle HuberMC vote unwarranted
ENElizabeth RyeMC vote unwarranted
GEOSusie SlavneyMC vote unwarranted
NAIFBoris SemenovMC vote unwarranted
PPITodd KingMC vote unwarranted
RINGSMitch GordonMC vote unwarranted
RSDick SimpsonMC vote unwarranted
SBNAnne Raughabstain