SCR 3-1121

SCR 3-1121: Move SOFTWARE object from required to optional in the CATALOG object definition

Priority: medium

Problem Summary

The definition for the CATALOG object in the PDS data dictionary includes SOFTWARE in the list of required objects. SOFTWARE should be moved to the set of optional objects. Also the lists of required and optional objects for the CATALOG object in sections A.5.3 and A.5.4 of the PDS Standards Reference need to updated to match the definition in the dictionary.

Working Group

S. Slavney (lead) L. Huber, A. Raugh

Originator: Stef McLaughlin

Standards Change Request

12007-09-11L. HuberDOC


Supplementary Material


StatusDateTaskResponsible PartyResponse
SUBMITTED 2007-07-03Submit issue.ORIGIssue submitted through online interface 07/03/07.
Form working group.EN-SEORIGE. Rye sent email to S. Hardman on 07/31/07 requesting that he assign a Dev team member to this SCR.


The SCR was TG_APPROVED by the Tech Group by a vote of 7-0-2 on 09/12/07.

NodeRepresentativeVersion 1
ATMLyle Huberyes
ENaElizabeth Ryeabstain
GEOSusie Slavneyyes
IMGPatty Garciayes
NAIFBoris Semenovyes
PPITodd Kingyes
RINGSMitch Gordonyes
RSbDick Simpsonabstain
SBNAnne Raughyes


Abstain vote is due to lack of opportunity to review SCR before vote.


Abstain vote is due to lack of opportunity to review SCR before vote.