Build 8a Deliverables

This page lists and provides links to the deliverables for the PDS4 Build 8a release (9/30/2017). The Build 8a deliverables consist of the PDS4 information model (artifacts) and the PDS4 system software distribution (including documentation).

Document Review

  • Authoring and Review Teams:
    • The Document Authoring Team (DAT) includes Susan Slavney, Dick Simpson & Ronald Joyner.
    • The Document Reviewers Team (DRT) includes Ed Guinness, Todd King, Sue Lavoie and Stef McLaughlin.
  • Review Comments:
  • Documents
  • Supporting Examples:


The system software release (version 8.0.0) represents the software portion of the Build 8a delivery:


The following documents are artifacts for testing the Build 8a release:

  • Requirements traceability (.html) : traces system and node test cases to PDS4 L4/L5 requirements that are derived from PDS L3 requirements.
  • Build 8a system test document (.docx) : (documents test cases, test procedures and test results meeting all requirements implemented in Build 8a system). A traceability of test cases is appended to the end of the document.
  • Test Data (.tgz)

TWG Tool Testing

Tests to be conducted by the Tool Working Group (TWG) :