Build 6b Deliverables

This page lists and provides links to the deliverables for the PDS4 Build 6b release (3/31/2016). The Build 6b deliverables consist of the PDS4 documents and the PDS4 system software distribution (including documentation).

Documents, Schemas and Examples


System software release 6.1.0 represents the software portion of the Build 6b delivery.


The following documents are artifacts for testing the Build 6b release:

  • Requirements traceability (traces system and node test cases to PDS4 L4/L5 requirements that are derived from PDS L3 requirements).
  • Build 6b system test document (documents test cases, test procedures and test results meeting all requirements implemented in Build 6b system). A traceability of test cases is appended to the end of the document.
  • Test Data (.tgz)