Build 3b Deliverables

This page lists and provides links to the deliverables for PDS4 Build 3b release (3/31/2013). The Build 3b deliverables consist of the PDS4 documents and the PDS4 system software distribution (including documentation).

Documents, Schemas and Examples

Build 3b Software

System software release 3.1.0 represents the software portion of the Build 3b delivery. A high-level description of this release can be found in the corresponding Release Description Document (RDD). Each software package includes documentation covering the installation and operation of the software.


Information Model

  • (Ron Joyner) – Bundle

The following documents are artifacts for testing of Build 3b infrastructure prior to deployment to Operations in June 2013.

The following documents are artifacts for Testing of Build 3b tools and services deployed ATMOS and PPI using PHX bundle created by ATMOS and LADEE-like/MAVEN-like bundles generated by EN.

The following provides an executive summary of Build 3b testing demonstrating its readiness for data providers from LADEE and MAVEN in support of the Interface Control Agrement (ICD) between PDS and the missions.

Requests for Action (RFAs)