Build 2c Deliverables

This page lists and provides links to the deliverables for PDS 2010 Build 2c release (6/11/2012). The Build 2c deliverables consist of the PDS4 documents and the PDS 2010 system software distribution (including documentation).

 Build 2c Documents, Schemas and Examples

  • Data Provider’s Handbook (PDF) – A cookbook to guide data providers step-by-step through the process of developing an archive.
  • Standards Reference (PDF) – One of the two fundamental reference documents for PDS4. You will need this as you work your way through the Data Provider’s Handbook and as you prepare an archive.
  • Data Dictionary (PDF) – The abridged version contains full definitions but not all the fine detail or repetition necessary to support the underlying Information Model.
  • Information Model Specification (HTML) – This document provides details on the design of the Information Model.
  • Examples: Products and Archive – A set of products, collections, bundles, and packages that illustrates design concepts and goals.

Build 2c Software

System software release 2.2.0 represents the software portion of the Build 2c delivery. A high-level description of this release can be found in the corresponding RDD. Each software package includes documentation covering the installation and operation of the software.

 Requests for Action