Build 2a ORR

This page lists and provides links to the artifacts related to the Operational Readiness Review (ORR) for Build 2a held on November 30 and December 1, 2011.

 Build 2a ORR Artifacts

  • Build 2 ORR Presentations (HTML) This page provides links to all of the presentation documents presented at the Build 2 ORR meeting held in Mountain View, California.
  • PDS4 Build 2a Liens (PDF) This presentation identifies the liens for Build 2a and details the plan for addressing them for Build 2b.
  • Requests for Action (HTML)┬áThis table summarizes the RFAs generated by the Nodes during the Build 2a prototyping effort.
  • Requirements Mapping (PDF) This requirements traceability matrix maps Level 3 requirements to the Level 4 and 5 requirements as well as mapping to related data/system components and builds.