Build 1d Review

Build 1d Assessment Process

Phase I Review

  • Introduction (PDF) – A guide to get you started.
  • Concepts Document (PDF) – Introduction to PDS4 key concepts – the view from 10000 feet, avoiding gory details.
  • Glossary (PDF) – A concise set of definitions for key PDS4 terms. Although primarily intended as a quick reference, the Glossary is organized functionally, presenting terms in the approximate order in which you are likely to encounter them.
  • Jumpstart Guide (PDF) – A brief introduction to PDS4 in terms of analogous PDS3 vocabulary. Experienced PDS3 users should read it once, noting both the parallels and the differences; then set it aside. People not familiar with PDS3 should skip it; concentrate on the Concepts Document.
  • Data Dictionary Tutorial (PDF) – A tutorial introduction to the PDS4 Data Dictionary.
  • Abridged Data Dictionary (PDF) – The abridged version has been abstracted from the unabridged version with the needs of data providers and data end users in mind. It contains full definitions but not all the fine detail or repetition necessary to support the underlying Information Model.

Phase II Review

  • Data Provider’s Handbook (PDF) – An archivibg guide to PDS4 data standards.
  • Standards Reference (PDF) – One of the two fundamental reference documents for PDS4. You will need this as you work your way through the Data Provider’s Handbook and as you prepare an archive.
  • Examples: Products (HTM) and Archive (HTM) – A set of products, collections, bundles, and packages that illustrates design concepts and goals.