User Support Study

The PDS4 User Support Working Group (WG) is developing the User model for PDS4. This model will address the following issues:

  • Who are the customers for PDS data and services?
  • What are the needs of users of PDS data and services?
  • What are the PDS deliverables to these customers?
  • What data, information, access services and capabilities are needed to support PDS user goals?
  • How do we know we have satisfied our customers and/or met these expectations?

Working Group

Working group members include: Mark Sykes (chair), Lisa Gaddis, Mike A’Hearn, Ray Walker and Mark Rose.


There are no current milestones associated with this effort.

Current Status

The PDS4 User Support working group was disbanded in December 2007 with the completion of its milestones. The following artifacts are associated with this effort:

Historical Documents

There are no historical documents associated with this effort.