Architecture Study

The PDS4 Architecture Working Group (WG) is developing the architectural model for PDS4. This includes identification of PDS drivers, identification of requirements, and the decomposition of the system into elements. As PDS moves from PDS3, to PDS4, it needs to define the plan for evolving PDS by examining the process, data and technology architecture and defining the evolution of the elements that are part of these architectures.

The WG will be delivering the drivers and system decomposition to the other WGs. The Architecture WG will then work on the plan for evolving the technology architecture of PDS.

Working Group

Working group members include: Dan Crichton (chair), Chuck Acton, Sue LaVoie, Mike Martin and Tom Stein.


There are no current milestones associated with this effort.

Current Status

The PDS4 Architecture working group was disbanded in December 2007 with the completion of its milestones. The following artifacts are associated with this effort:

Historical Documents

Historical documents associated with this effort:

Other related documents include: