SCR 3-1111

SCR 3-1111: Allow REPETITIONS=1 in container objects

Priority: medium

Problem Summary

The REPETITIONS keyword specifies the number of repetitions of a container within a table. The current minimum value is 2. There is a need to allow REPETITIONS=1 for cases where the number of repetitions varies from one product to another, and occasionally a product has only one repetition.

Working Group

S. Slavney (lead)

Originator: Susan Slavney

Standards Change Request

12007-04-23S. SlavneyDOC


Supplementary Material


StatusDateTaskResponsible PartyResponse
SUBMITTED 2007-04-23
IN_PROGRESS 2007-04-23
DRAFT 2007-04-23
APPROVED 2007-05-02
TEST_RELEASE 2007-05-07Verify PSDD updated correctly.EN-SEE. Rye verified changes to online PSDD on 05/15/07.
Notify originator changes ready for validation.EN-SEE. Rye notified S. Slavney of update to online PSDD by email on 05/15/07, and requested her verification of the changes.
Verify PSDD updated correctly.ORIGS. Slavney sent email to E. Rye on 05/15/07 stating that she had verified changes to PSDD were made correctly.
Release updated PSDD.EN-OPS


Vote to RECOMMEND version 1 of the SCR for either: (a) Implementation; or (b) Management Council vote.

NodeRepresentativeVersion 1
ATMLyle Huberyes; implementation
ENSteve Hughesyes; implementation
GEOSusie Slavneyyes; implementation
IMGPatty Garcianot present
NAIFBoris Semenovyes; implementation
PPITodd Kingyes; implementation
RINGSMitch Gordonyes; implementation
RSDick Simpsonyes; implementation
SBNAnne Raugh1yes; implementation


see BLOG comment on May 1, 2007