SCR 3-1071

SCR 3-1071: Use of Format Effectors Within Attribute Assignment Statements

Priority: high

Problem Summary

Section 12.3.5 of the Standards Reference states, “ODL is a simple language and it is usually clear where one lexical element ends and another begins. Spacing characters or format effectors may appear before a lexical element, between any pair of lexical elements, or after a lexical element without changing the meaning of a statement.” ODL does not contain statement delimiters. Without these, while it may be simple for humans to recognize the end of one statement and the beginning of the next, it is not as simple to write code to recognize this. This SCR proposes placing more restrictions on the use of format effectors within statements in order to facilitate software based validation.

Working Group

E. Rye (lead) P. Ramirez

Originator: E. Rye

Standards Change Request

12006-07-23E. RyeDOC


Supplementary Material


StatusDateTaskResponsible PartyResponse
SUBMITTED 2006-07-23
IN_PROGRESS 2006-07-23
DRAFT 2006-07-23
WITHDRAWN 2007-03-07


Vote to RECOMMEND version 1 of the SCR for a Management Council vote.

NodeRepresentativeVersion 1
ATMLyle Huberno
ENSteve Hughes1abstain
GEOSusie Slavneyyes
IMGPatty Garciayes
NAIFBoris Semenovno
PPITodd Kingno
RINGSMitch Gordonno
RSDick Simpson2no
SBNAnne Raughno


needs further discussion


reserves the right to change if a compelling case for “no” is submitted