SCR 3-1036

SCR 3-1036: Upper/Lower Case Standards

Priority: high

Problem Summary

Change the directory and file naming rules so that lower case names are used for DVD archive volumes. Upper case names will continue to be used for CD (CD-ROM or CD-R) archive volumes.

Working Group

J. Wilf (lead) C. Isbell, C. Atkins, M. McAuley, L. Huber

Originator: J. Wilf

Standards Change Request

12004-11-26J. WilfTEXTOriginally revision 2.1.
22005-01-20J. WilfTEXTOriginally revision 3.0.
32005-02-11J. WilfTEXTOriginally revision 4.0.


Supplementary Material


StatusDateTaskResponsible PartyResponse
SUBMITTED 2004-11-26
IN_PROGRESS 2005-02-11