SCR 3-1028

SCR 3-1028: Add DATA_SET/MISSION Relation to PDS Data Model

Priority: medium

Problem Summary

The PDS data model does not directly relate a data set to a mission. In other words the data model does not have a DATA_SET/MISSION relation. Currently to determine the mission associated with a data set the DATA_SET/MISSION relation must be derived using the existing DATA_SET/INSTRUMENT_HOST and INSTRUMENT_HOST/MISSION/TARGET relations. However, this derivation fails when a particular instrument host has been involved in more than one mission.

This SCR proposes the implementation of the DATA_SET/MISSION relation. The DATA_SET/MISSION relation would be initially populated using the existing derived relations with erroneous relations omitted. For future missions, the DATA_SET/MISSION relation would be populated using a new sub-object in the DATA_SET catalog template.

Working Group

S. Joy (lead)

Originator: S. Hughes

Standards Change Request


Supplementary Material


StatusDateTaskResponsible PartyResponse
SUBMITTED 2003-08-20
IN_PROGRESS 2003-08-20
DRAFT 2003-08-20
APPROVED 2003-11-10