SCR 3-1015

SCR 3-1015: Cross-Correlative Attributes

Priority: low

Problem Summary

I’m not sure exactly what this is supposed to mean. “Cross-correlative” strikes me as being redundant. This may go back to discussions held during the requirements generation process, the desire being to find a way to allow users to find potentially related data sets across the entire archive (i.e., without a priori knowledge of mission, instrument, target, etc.). This isn’t a committee I would have agreed to serve on, let alone volunteered for, because I thought the premises were logically invalid, and thus the goal most likely intractable.

(Provided by Anne Raugh.)

Working Group

S. Hughes (lead) A. Raugh, R. Joyner, T. Brown, M. Gordon

Originator: S. Hughes

Standards Change Request


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