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Standards Status Word Definitions

Status Definition
SUBMITTED An SCR has been submitted, the required minimum fields have been completed, and the system has issued an SCR tracking number. The Standards Coordinator is (or soon will be) in the process of appointing a Working Group to refine the SCR.
PARKED The Standards Coordinator was unable to recruit a Working Group, or an earlier Working Group could not reach consensus on a proposal. The Standards Coordinator will periodically seek to set up a new Working Group. NB: The Standards Coordinator has the option of appointing him/herself as a Working Group of one and forwarding the SCR to the Technical Group with a negative recommendation, in hopes of getting a REJECTED vote and clearing a bad proposal from the system.
IN_DRAFT The Working Group is fleshing out the SCR, resolving conflicts, identifying impacts, and estimating resources needed to address the impacts.
IN_REVIEW A draft SCR, suitable for review by the Technical Group, has been completed and forwarded to the Technical Group for review.
ENDORSED The Technical Group has approved the SCR and forwarded it to the Management Council for final approval.
TG_APPROVED The SCR has been approved by the Technical Group and its impact has been judged "low". The Management Council has been advised of this action. If one member of the Management Council requests a vote within 10 working days, status is reset to ENDORSED. If not, status is set to APPROVED after the 10 day waiting period.
APPROVED The Technical Group has approved the SCR, and Management Council has not chosen explicitly within 10 working days to conduct its own vote; or the Management Council has voted favorably on the SCR. In either case, the SCR is in the hands of EN for implementation, which may be in progress. Data providers may use the provisions of the SCR but should be alert to subtleties of implementation which may not be apparent from the SCR itself.
REJECTED The SCR was rejected by the Technical Group and will not be the subject of further discussion or action. A possible end state
IMPLEMENTED The SCR has been fully implemented. Changes to the PDS-SR, PDSDD, Archive Preparation Guide, Proposer's Archiving Guide, other documents, associated files, and tools have been completed and released for public use. A possible end state.