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SCR 3-1090: StdRef Discrepancy Regarding Signed Non-Decimal Numbers

Priority: high

Problem Summary:

Section states that based integer numbers can be signed:

A based integer may optionally include a number sign. A number without an explicit sign is always taken as positive. based_integer :: = radix # [sign] [extended_digit] + # extended_digit :: = digit | letter radix :: = unsigned_integer

but in section 12.7.3 bullet 13 states:

Signs may not be used in non-decimal numbers (i.e., "2#10001#" is valid, but "-2#10001#" and "2#-10001#" are not). Only the bases 2, 8, and 16 may be used for non-decimal numbers.

Working group: E. Rye (lead) Paul Ramirez

Originator: E. Rye

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