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PDS3 Standards: Individual Issue

SCR 3-1107: Correct Error in Section 8.3 Examples

Priority: medium

Problem Summary: Examples "TG15NXXX/TG15N1XX/TG15N12X" and "DOCUMENT" are "valid values for the keywords". But the following paragraph says "The trailing slash is included ..." Neither example includes a trailing slash.

Working group: R. Joyner (lead)

Originator: Dick Simpson

Standards Change Request:

Version Date Author(s) Format Note
1 2007-04-17 R. Joyner DOC Date changed from 04/23/07 by E. Rye
PDF Date changed from 04/23/07 by E. Rye


Supplementary Material:


Status Task ResponsibleParty Response
SUBMITTED 2007-03-21
IN_PROGRESS 2007-03-21
DRAFT 2007-04-17
APPROVED 2007-05-02
IN_IMPLEMENTATION 2007-05-02 Update queue to Implementation. EN-SE Queue updated to Implementation by E. Rye on 05/02/07.
Make updates to StdRef. EN-SE


Vote to RECOMMEND version 1 of the SCR for either: (a) Implementation; or (b) Management Council vote.

Node Representative Version 1
ATM Lyle Huber yes; implementation
GEO Susie Slavney yes; implementation
IMG Patty Garcia1 yes; implementation
NAIF Boris Semenov yes; implementation
PPI Todd King yes; implementation
RINGS Mitch Gordon yes; implementation
RS Dick Simpson yes; implementation
SBN Anne Raugh2 no
1see BLOG comment on April 30, 2007 2see BLOG comment on May 1, 2007