About Search Core

The Search Core is a software tool, built in accordance with the Search Service to provide searching capabilities for PDS Engineering data extracted from Registry Services. Its purpose is to provide the basis for creating a Lucene Index and searching it through an Apache Solr web application. This index can then be leveraged by other software to provide a searchable user interface to a prospective user. The Search Core software itself has a command-line interface and API to provide this functionality.

Please send comments, change requests and bug reports to the PDS Operator at pds_operator@jpl.nasa.gov.

Main Components

The following section describes the main functionality and components of the Search Core. These components are combined to produce a searchable index through a web interface, such as the PDS Data Search page.

Registry Extractor

This component uses the Registry Core and XML configuration files to build XML documents on a per product basis. The generated XML files will be placed in a $SEARCH_HOME/solr-docs directory and used by the Solr Indexer component to form a Lucene index. Future iterations of this software will allow this component to be extendable to other data sources (i.e. relational databases).

Solr Indexer

The Solr Indexer leverages Apache Lucene and the XML document(s) produced by the Registry Extractor to produce a searchable index file that can be ingested by the Solr web application to provided an indexed search capability.

Solr Post

This component leverages the index created from the Solr Indexer, XSLT Stylesheets, and XML hierarchy configurations to post data to the Search Service Solr instance. Once this component completes execution, the newly indexed data is now searchable via the Search Service interface.