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About Catalog Tool

The Catalog Tool provides functionality for ingesting PDS3 catalog files into the the PDS4 infrastructure (Registry Service). Catalog Tool offers three functions:

  • Compare a Catalog Submission

    The comparison function is intended for both Discipline Node and Engineering Node Data Engineers to determine the differences between previous submissions and a current submission.

  • Validate a Catalog Submission

    The validation function is also intended for both Discipline Node and Engineering Node Data Engineers to validate a current submission including checks for referential integrity.

  • Ingest a Catalog Submission

    The ingestion function is intended for the Engineering Node Operator to ingest the current submission into the PDS Registry Service.

The following diagram details the interfaces for the Catalog Tool when installed in the Engineering Node environment and supporting ingestion into the PDS4 infrastructure:

Catalog Tool Interfaces

The Catalog Tool utilizes the Storage and Product Services for ingesting and retrieving catalog files. Once the tool has determined which catalog files have been updated, the resulting PDS4 products are registered with the Registry Service.

Please send comments, change requests and bug reports to the PDS Operator at

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