Standards Telecon - 050831

Attendees: 	B.Sword				EN
          	L.Huber				ATMOS
          	M.McAuley			IMG
          	A.Raugh				SBN
          	S.Slavney			GEO
          	K.Bennett			GEO
          	D.Scholes			GEO
          	C.Isbell			IMG
          	T.King				PPI

(1) S.Hughes presented the proposed 2 month schedule for attempting to 
    complete SCR 3-1003 JPEG 2000 as PDS Archive Format. 

		- T.King expressed concern over the tight schedule in getting the 
		  the HiRise SIS signed.

(2) Following the presentation, the discussion turned into a series of
    general debates centered around compression / compressing data:
		- A.Raugh / T.King asked what are  / have been the criteria used by
		  the PDS to decide if a compression scheme is compliant.
		- S.Hughes indicated that "all" of these criteria will be addressed
		  in the forthcoming SCR.

    - L.Huber indicated that 2 yrs ago the PDS pretty much accepted the
      use of JPG2000 but was looking for someone to provide sample labels.
    - S.Slavney indicated that from her perspective she is only interested
      in seeing two things from the data producers:
        (1) Use ENCODING_TYPE = JPEG2000, which would be a new standard value.
        (2) Include decompression s/w in the archive, which is not a change.   		    
    - R.Joyner asked S.Slavney if she intentionally didn't include changes
      to the Standards as part of the list of issues.  To which S.Slavney
      indicated that she didn't think it was necessary.

    - A.Raugh / T.King indicated that they thought the Standards should
      reflect the set of allowed compression schemes.  A policy could be
      written that generally describes compression independent of the
      encoding_type / actual method used to compress the data.
(3) M.McAuley presented his "JPEG2000 Performance/Status Presentation"

(4) End of telecon