Release Description 0.1.0

This first release of the PDS4 System is intended as a prototype release in support of the demonstration at the Management Council Face-to-Face meeting in August 2010. The following sections can be found in this document:

System Requirements

This section details the system requirements for installing and operating the software. The software contained in this release was developed using Java and will run on any platform with a supported Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The software was specifically developed under Sun Java version 1.6 and has only been tested with this version. Specific system requirements for each component in this release can be found in their respective Installation documents.


This section details the installation and operation of the software in this release. This release is intended for deployment in the Engineering Node Operations environment. Details regarding the release for each of these components, including installation of the packages and operation of the associated software, can be found in the documentation for each component. This release is comprised of the following components:

  • Harvest - 0.1.0
  • Registry
    • Registry Service - 0.4.0
    • Registry User Interface - 0.1.0
  • Security - 0.1.0

The following diagram details where the major components of this release should be installed in the Operations environment and gives a very high-level view of the interfaces between the components and system resources:

EN Deployment
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