This section describes how to install the Data Dictionary Search software contained in the dd-search package. The following topics can be found in this section:

System Requirements

The Data Dictionary Search software was developed using Ajax Solr and jQuery. The application must reside within a PDS web site deployment because it depends on the CSS configuration and server side includes provided by the site.

Deploying the Application

The software is not compiled but can instead be deployed with a Subversion "external" directory configuration within the PDS Home site directory structure. The desired end point is tools/dd-search within the site. From within the top directory of the PDS site deployment (e.g., /data/www/pds/htdocs), change directories to the tools directory and perform the following commands to configure and retrieve the "external" directory:

% svn propset svn:externals \
'dd-search' .
% svn update

Configuring the Application

The application defaults to accessing the Search Service at If this needs to be modified for a given deployment, edit the dd-search/js/DataDictionary.js file and modify the following block accordingly:

$(function () {
  Manager = new AjaxSolr.Manager({
    solrUrl: ''