The Product Search UI is a web interface intended to provide a more user-friendly view of the Search Service. See the Search Service Documentation for more information on searching PDS data.

Common Errors

Search Returns Blank Screen

There are 2 known reasons for this error:

  • The Search Service is not installed correctly. Go to the local Search Service and verify it contains data and is functioning properly. See the Search Service - Operate documentation for more information on testing the Search Service.
  • The Search Service is not installed at the same level as Product Search UI. The Product Search UI assumes the Search Service is installed at the same level of the web directory structure for the server. For instance, if the Product Search UI URL is http://localhost:8080/product-search-ui, it expects the Search Service to be at http://localhost:8080/search-service. If it is installed at another location, modify $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/product-search-ui/search.jsp accordingly.

Missing Images/Formatting/Functionality

This occurs when the Product Search UI cannot find the css/images/include/js/scripts directories. See the Installation Guide for more information on deploying the extras.