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About Search Core

The Search Core provides the basis for creating and searching an Apache Solr index. This index can then be leveraged by other software to provide a searchable user interface to a prospective user. The Search Core software itself has a command-line interface and API to provide this functionality.

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Main Components

The following section describes the main components of the Search Core. These components are used by the search core and the Solr software to produce the index and searchability present on the PDS Data Search page.

Registry Extractor

This component uses the Registry Core and XML configuration files to build XML documents on a per product basis. The Registry context products queried through the software are as follows:

  • Product_Data_Set_PDS3
  • Product_Target_PDS3
  • Product_Instrument_PDS3
  • Product_Instrument_Host_PDS3
  • Product_Mission_PDS3
  • Product_Resource (indirectly through Association)

Solr Indexer

The Solr Indexer leverages Apache Lucene and the XML document produced by the Registry Extractor to create a Solr index that provides the necessary data for the Solr software to operate.

PDS Indexer

Produces catalog_index directory which produces segmented binary files that are leveraged by Solr. Remaining use and functionality, TBD.


This component is the API aspect of the sofware used by Solr to provide the searchability and output to the user. More specifically it is home to the following two classes:

  • XSLTResponseWriter - provides the Saxon interface for producing the search output using XML Stylsheets.
  • PDSProtocolHandler - provides the PDS-specific search protocol for the Solr instance.

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