Planetary Data System
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PDS3 Standards: Individual Issue

SCR 3-1151: Change TELEMETRY_FORMAT_ID from static to dynamic and increase length

Priority: medium

Problem Summary: Both the L1A and L1B Framing Camera labels for DAWN have TELEMETRY_FORMAT_ID = "303" That keyword, currently static, seems written for Galileo. The DAWN FC team would like to use this as well.

Working group: R. Chen (lead) S. Joy, B. Sword, E. Rye

Originator: Richard Chen

Standards Change Request:

Version Date Author(s) Format Note
1 2010-01-12 R. Chen DOC


Supplementary Material:



Node Representative Version 1
ATM Lyle Huber abstain; recommend discussion
EN B. Sword no
GEO Susan Slavney no
IMG Patty Garcia no
RS Dick Simpson no
SBN Anne Raugh no
Node Representative Version 1
ATM Lyle Huber abstain
EN B. Sword abstain
GEO Susan Slavney MC vote unwarranted
IMG Patty Garcia MC vote unwarranted
RS Dick Simpson abstain